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Sterling Noren

Video and Multimedia Production

GlobeRiders Partner Sterling Noren filming in Irbit, Russia, home of Ural motorcycles.





About Sterling Noren

Sterling Noren has worked his way around the world several times as an adventure-travel filmmaker.

He began his career as a student employee for West Michigan Public Broadcasting where he wrote, filmed, and edited his first television documentary at age 21.

During the 90’s, he was a freelance video editor and producer for Microsoft Corporation, and a video-journalist for Expedia’s "Mungo Park". His assignments included documenting the launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis with guest Tom Clancy, and producing live Internet video dispatches from the rainforests of Costa Rica with actress Shari Belafonte.

Since then, he has traveled through more than 30 countries as a cameraman, editor, and producer of documentary programming for clients as diverse as Microsoft, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and GlobeRiders.

Sterling met Helge Pedersen in 1998. They produced a short documentary program about Helge’s journeys around the world for Public Broadcast Station KCTS Channel 9 in Seattle. In 2001 he rode with Helge on the GlobeRiders Iceland Adventure. During the summer of 2002 he accompanied the GlobeRiders World Tour across Eurasia and produced a series of videos documenting that tour which were broadcast over a ten week period on the Speed TV cable network.

Sterling lives in Seattle.

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