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Himalaya Expedition 2017

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Welcome to the Home Page of the GlobeRiders 2017 Himalaya Expedition Live!Journal!

This is GlobeRiders second Himalaya Expedition leading up to our Himalaya Adventure 2018. After the first test run we realized that we had a few things to sort out regarding the routing of this journey so here we are on another Expedition. We changed the starting point so that we can get to Tibet before winter sets in and we like to hit the lowland after the monsoon is over.


If you are looking for a tour with diversity this is it. Riding is superb and the cultural encounters are fantastic.



This Himalaya Expedition's Live!Journal will consists of four Chapters:


- A new Chapter page will be added to this website as soon as we get enough material from the riders. Each Chapter will consist of stories and photos from the road, submitted by participants en route, a sort of travel blog (or travelog) if you will. Chapter Navigation Menus at the top and bottom of each page allow you to quickly jump from one page of the Live!Journal to another.


- When each new Chapter is "published" to the website, we'll send an email newsletter Dispatch, informing subscribers to our newsletters that new content is available in the Live!Journal. Each Dispatch will contain a photo and short summary of the week, and click-able links that will take viewers directly to the relevant Chapters or other pages on our website.

Our Live!Journal gives those of you who couldn't join us this year, to include family and friends of the participants, the opportunity to take a "virtual" tour with us. It also captures and preserves the tour for our participants, creating a scrapbook of their adventure on the web that they can refer to for years to come. And of course, we hope that a select few of you may be inspired to join GlobeRiders on a future adventure.


The "map", seen below, is the real-time Tracking map of the Expedition. The Expedition is now complete so the map below is no longer active.

As always, should you have any questions, comments, requests, or simply want to say "hi" to any of us, all you need to do is click here to send us email.


Come ride the World with Us!



Helge Pedersen



Live!Journal Tracking Map




Curtis Coulter - Reno, NV, USA


Windsor Ford - Cleveland, OH, USA

Evan Firstman - Reno, NV, USA


Dan Moore - Cleveland, OH, USA

Joe Laumer - Cleveland, OH, USA


Helge Pedersen - Hansville, WA, USA



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