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GlobeRiders Partner
John Wehman

Director of Marketing

and Special Projects

GlobeRiders Partner Sterling Noren filming in Irbit, Russia, home of Ural motorcycles.

About John Wehman

John’s love of adventure, exploring and the outdoors has drawn him to work with GlobeRiders as an outside representative for promoting their video programming.  Although John isn’t an active motorcyclist, he’s an avid runner, hiker and kayaker. He enjoys the challenge of climbing Mt. Rainier as well as the calmness of paddling with seals when kayaking the San Juans.  This love of seeking adventure is universally shared with others whether on land, on the water or climbing to the sky.

John’s professional background has revolved around film and video. He has been active with Northwest media companies in marketing and sales, development, operations management, and video production for over 30 years.


In 1987, John founded Wehman Video Distribution, in Seattle, WA which specialized in national and international distribution of special interest video programs with emphasis in cultural, environmental, travel and outdoor sports topics.  John expanded the company to represent over 120 independent video producers, distribute more than 800 special interest video titles, and was one of the first independent distributors to market video programs via the internet in the early 1990’s.


As Producer and Director for his production company, MoonRae Productions, during the 1990’s, John created multiple award winning cultural documentaries including: Filipino Americans – Discovering Their Past for the Future, and Bhutan – A Himalayan Cultural Diary.  John also produced award winning children’s nature and environmental programs including Spirit of the Eagle and Winter Wolf.  These programs were nationally broadcast on PBS and Discovery Channel.


For 5 years, starting in 2002, John developed and coordinated major national marketing, sales and sponsorship funding campaigns for the award winning High Definition (HD) TV series Discoveries...America (51 x 60 minute travel and cultural documentary series), as well as an 82 x 30 minute TV series on international travel and adventure fly fishing destinations throughout the world.


In 2009, John formed Laughing Creek Productions LLC, to manage, develop and market creative projects.  John is currently in development of Discovering Our Organic Planet USA, a major documentary series for public broadcast about organic and naturally grown foods. The series will travel throughout the USA meeting organic farming communities and learning about natural farming practices, products and cultural history.


John represents GlobeRiders in promotion, marketing and sponsorship development of GlobeRiders’ motorcycle instructional DVDs and adventure travel documentary DVD programs for sales to the motorcycle industry as well as to new markets.


John and his wife Heather currently live in Seattle, Washington.

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